Tuesday, April 18, 2017


ENG L317  Take-home "final"

Please write a brief essay in which you explain what "Miltonic" is.  What is characteristic of Milton as an author, different from the other writers we've studied this semester? You can talk about anything you like: poetical effects, themes, tone, emotion, meter, character, whatever.  How could you pick him out of a lineup of perpetrators?

It might be helpful if you choose a brief section of Paradise Lost and speak from that.  How does this say "Miltonic"?

To accompany your final, I would like you to do something creative that illustrates your main point in a way that suits you as a critic and scholar.

You could

  • pick a picture from the internet and write a caption
  • make a video in which you read your section and explain how it works as "Miltonic"
  • create a playlet from a classmate and perform it, either in front of the class or on video
  • reinterpret your section in a contemporary setting that does justice to the poem and is not desecratory or slighting
  • draw a picture
  • paint a picture
  • create a meme
  • fashion a musical composition
  • sing the section of Paradise Lost, either a capella or with an instrument, or with music from your cell phone
If you can think of something better, do it. Just do it by the due date via email, Monday, 1 May, 9 a.m.

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