Sunday, August 25, 2019


Welcoming assignment for 10101 students

Due Friday, 30 August, 9 a.m., via email to
2 pp. double-spaced, your name in the top right-hand corner.

Please tell me about

  • your previous writing experience
  • your previous study of literary texts
  • your reason for being in the course, besides fulfilling your Cultural Studies requirement for Arts and Sciences ("no other reason" is an acceptable answer)
  • whether you've read any of these texts before
  • whether you're good at finding pictures online to illustrate your written work
  • what you like to read or watch
  • if you like to write, what you enjoy writing

You will certainly have your first assignment, about the story of Joseph in Genesis, by the time you turn this in, before Friday.  I'll include some remarks and observations in the same blog post that might help you.


This is an exercise to test your facility with my website and your attentiveness.

My website is 

Please answer the following questions for me and send your answers in an email to my address,  by Wednesday, 28 August, by 9 a.m.

1. On the Home tab of my teaching webpage, find the box that says, "Good for nothing else, be wise." Click on the Action button. What is the fourth word in the second paragraph in the essay on Rochester?

2. Click on the shakespeareinyourface tab on the website. Find the blog post named "Michael on Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow." What is the typographical / grammatical mistake in the sentence beginning "And not only"?  (BTW, I'm not a grammar stickler. Just wonder if you can see the same thing.)

3. Click on the Writing tab. Go to the paragraph that begins, "Don't condescend to your audience." Near the end, there are two words in parentheses after "i.e." What does the second, beginning with "o," mean?

4. On the same page, find the section "Analytical Writing." In part d), there are some questions. What are they suggesting that a writer do?

5. Please go to our course page via the tab 10101 on the site menu. Visit the box on the syllabus about our Virgil unit and click on the illustration. Where did this picture come from, according to Wikipedia?

6. On the course page, under the heading PAPER FORMAT, what do I ask students not to do, expressed in BOLDFACE?

7. How many graded writing assignments does it say we have on the course page? How many are you allowed to miss without failing our course?

8. On the course page, under the heading COMMUNICATION, what do I strongly advise YOU to do regarding our email communication after YOU have sent ME something?

9. What does the blog post in this link ask you to do? When are you supposed to turn it in?

10.  In the same blog post, when does it say I'll be crafting your first writing assignment?