Monday, August 22, 2016

L309 / B622 syllabus

Dr M L Stapleton ∙ ENG L309 ∙ Elizabethan Poetry
Fall 2016 ∙ TR 4.30-5.45 ∙ LA 116
Office: LA 105 ∙ Hours: by appointment

Text: Loughlin, et al., eds, The Broadview Anthology of Sixteenth-Century Poetry and Prose
Please always bring your text to class. Internet copies of our texts are often unreliable if you use a tablet or laptop instead of an actual book.
Please turn off your phone.
Please do not get up and leave while class is in session for any reason without asking permission first.

8/23 (T) Introductions, fear and trembling
8/25 (R) NO CLASS
8/30 (T) Skelton, Elynour Rummyng (1)
9/1 (R) 9/6 (T) 9/8 (R) Wyatt and Surrey in Tottel’s Miscellany (188-97)
9/13 (T) 9/15 (R) 9/20 (T) 9/22 (R) Baldwin, Mirror [Richard II (281); Cade (284); Induction (291); Jane Shore (299)]; Anne Dowriche, Bloody Marriage, Butcherly Murder (619); Anne Locke (214); Isabella Whitney (379)
9/27 (T) 9/29 (R) Gascoigne (363-75); Greville (670); Ralegh, poetry (110-19); Mary Sidney (745)
9/30 (F) paper due
10/4 (T) 10/6 (R) Campion (1270); Daniel, Delia (945); Davies, Epigrams (1137); Southwell (1101)
10/7 (F) midterm due; 10/11 (T) no class
10/13 (R) 10/18 (T) Drayton, Idea’s Mirror (1094); Epistles (1095)
10/20 (R) 10/25 (T) Sidney, Astrophil and Stella (677-86)
10/27 (R) 11/1 (T) Marlowe, “Passionate Shepherd” handout; Marlowe, Hero and Leander (1213-25)
11/3 (R) 11/8 (T) 11/10 (R) Shakespeare, sonnets (1079-89)
11/15 (T) 11/17 (R) 11/22 (T) 11/29 (T) 12/1 (R) 12/6 (T) 12/8 (R) Spenser, Faerie Queene, Book 1 (821-926)
11/24 (R) no class; 12/12 (M) final exam due


1. Attendance: You are allowed five (5) absences for any reason you choose. Students who miss more than this will fail the course, without exception, regardless of circumstances. I do not distinguish between “excused” and “unexcused” absences, nor am I responsible for material that you miss because you are absent. Students who miss
the attendance call (the first five minutes of class) will be marked absent; students who get up and leave in the middle of class will be marked absent. Please take care of your rest room issues BEFORE class.

2. Your paper and take-home exams are due on the scheduled non-class dates by 9 a.m. via email: 30 September, 7 October, 12 December. Late papers = 0. No exceptions. These will be short, 4-6 pp. Your paper and first exam may be revised after meeting with the instructor in the office and discussing your plans.

3. Plagiarism: it should go without saying that students are also expected to do their own work; indebtedness to secondary materials (either printed or electronic) must be clearly indicated so as to avoid plagiarism:
—(piecemeal) using someone else’s words and phrases as if they were your own, not pararphrasing or summarizing
properly, even with proper documentation;
—(grotesque) using someone else’s ideas as if they were your own, without proper documentation;
—(more grotesque) allowing someone else to write your paper for you.


4. The course grade will be determined by a rough averaging together of your essay on an assigned topic, takehome midterm, and take-home final exam, and the less formal writing I will assign. I reserve the right to take additional factors into account; improvement, class participation, and, of course, attendance. Grades are notnegotiable, personal, or subject to the influence of extracurricular academic factors.

5. I would appreciate it if your IPFW email account were active—this is how I’d prefer to communicate with you, send handouts, and return graded papers and exams to you.

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