Sunday, October 27, 2019

Argument topics

The article that was written by “USA Today” talks about the issues with sports and how players tend to get multiple concussions. I decided to choose this topic over concussions because I played football for many years and all through high school. I never had a concussion (at least I don’t think I have) but I witnessed many kids either have to sit out or end their season because of a bad hit on the field. I feel like there are issues in sports that either need fixed or researched more to prevent as many concussions as possible.
            The writer, Ken Reed talks about football and soccer which are two major sports that tend to be highly vulnerable to getting concussions. He believes that the easiest way to help reduce concussions and prevent brain injuries later in life is to have the parents start the child at an older age. He wants them to basically not start playing sports until late middle school or even high school. He believes this gives kid’s brains more time to develop and helps reduce brain injury at an early age. He talks about soccer because people tend to use their heads to hit the ball and if the ball is flying through the air at high speeds then it could create a high velocity impact on their brain. These are reasons why people either need to be more careful with their actions in sports or start at a later age.

            However, people could argue this belief because waiting for their kid to be in high school to play contact sports could cause them to have less skills in the sport such as tackling. Tackling takes practice to do it correctly. If it’s correctly done then most likely no one will get hurt but if the kid starts at a later age then they won’t know how to properly tackle and could still receive brain injury. 
My topic is abolishing the death penalty a topic that is becoming more and more controversial I think that we should get rid the death penalty. The death penalty has been around for hundreds of years and the only was a person is to get on to death row are forms of murder. With our constantly advancing technology we have become very reliant on that don’t look at he whole picture more so causing people to be easily wrongfully convicted from either planted evidence or just because we as a country don’t feel safe until the killer is caught so the police are more focused on catching someone, they want a body.
            I care about this because the amount of innocent people being killed is scary its scary to think that if you fit a certain racial or gender profile there’s a good chance, they could accuse you. The death penalty is the highest punishment we have it’s the capital punishment meaning it’s the hardest for of punishment to clear yourself from. Another reason I care is its not long before more and more crimes are going to have the punishment as the death penalty and each dosage of lethal; injection is thousand of dollars. This country is in so much debt and we do not have the money to be putting so many people to death. We need to work towards getting out of debt not more into it.

            So many people could argue against this saying more people should be sentenced to death and for so many more reasons. That not matter what kind of way they killed someone they need to die. Another way you could argue this is that they should be killed right away instead of being put in prison for years before. The reasons to keep it are endless much like the reasons to get rid of it.
We live in an age where some of the most powerful inventions ever created by mankind are a present aspect in our everyday lives. A few of these devices are Government, Nuclear Weapons, Religion, Quantum Computers, and of course Cell Phones. Now obviously our cellphones can do many advanced tasks, such as preform mathematical calculations, navigate and track our location, we can keep in contact with our family, as well as connect to various internet websites. One of these types of websites is a platform that is another extremely powerful invention created by humans that is certainly the most prevalent one in our daily lives, social media.
It is safe to say that the majority of our generation all have some form of social media. This is mainly due to the sheer fascination or satisfaction felt when showing a glimpse of our personal lives to people on the internet that appeals to our young minds. However, due to our developing nature, is social media safe and beneficial for us?
Although I find that social media is generally good for us, there are still some severe drawbacks to it (some I have personally experienced) that can affect the minds of the youth. So because of that, I would like to explain in my argumentative essay that it is beneficial to just simply logout of your account for some time and take a break from this constant overstimulation that social media gives us.
            However, this brings up an argument that I would also like to address in my essay. Despite the many studies from prominent universities and psychological specialists which all point to the trend of increased social media use correlating with the increased likelihood for the user to empierce depression and anxiety, will just simply logging out and taking a break help cure these illnesses? Well, the experiences from countless people worldwide as well as my own all support the answer of this question being yes.

Football Is Too Dangerous for Players  

I am choosing to pick the topic that football is too dangerous for players. I chose this topic because there are many different reasons why many people think this and why others will disagree with it. This is an important idea because more players are getting hurt and suffering from concessions, which can lead to long term damage. Many parents start their children out at a young age not thinking about their brains and bodies are fully not developed yet and vulnerable to injuriesMany people think that just because they have gear on that is made for football, they are safe but in reality, they will more than likely still get hurt. 
I care about this topic because it seems to be a more occurring factor and it really isn’t addressed. I also care about it because of the health and injuries that can occur during and then after. Staying free from injures is very important when leading into your days growing older. People play football and parents put their children in football to make them “tough” but that shouldn’t always be the case.  
Someone could argue this and say that football isn’t too dangerous for players, it just depends on the person and the health of that person. They could also disagree and say that coaches are teaching their kids the right way to use contact against an opponent and that football is safer due to programs that are made for the issue of injuries.  
I want to argue about how social media affects people's everyday life. I’ve always been extremely interested in how social media is taking over peoples minds. I think it’s important to talk about, because in this day and age, there are many issues with social media compromising people's everyday life. I care about it because I think it’s being used in a very unhealthy way and I sometimes catch myself being totally preoccupied checking all of my social media accounts. I want people to be able to experience life and have fun, and I think it’s extremely hard to focus on enjoying life when you’re constantly on your phone, or if you’re at a family get together and you’re on your phone the whole time. I feel that as time goes on, this situation is going to worsen and our phones will control us even more than they do now. There are more and more apps being created that children, young adults, and adults are now getting actually addicted to. Children are also starting to get cell phones at a very young age, which I think is very unhealthy because they are starting to become consumed by it at such a young age. Now, one could argue that social media also offers us many chances to reach out to friends and family that you may not get to see very often, gives you the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, and it can also teach you a lot about what’s going on in the everyday world. But it still isn’t good for people to constantly be on social media. I also think that social media brings out a lot of insecurities in others because it’s easy to become jealous. Everyone tries so hard to get the most likes, or the most retweets, and it is starting to take over what people think about themselves. I’m not saying that I think social media should be completely removed from everyone's lives, I’m just saying that I think people should limit the time they spend on social media. This is a very controversial subject that I think needs to have more attention, and it’s something that I really care about. I think it’s crucial to know the importance of living your life to the fullest and fully taking advantage of the time you get with the people you spend it with.
Why are we trying to save the honey bee when we should be trying to save our native bees? Most native bees work more efficiently than honeybees at pollinating flowers. They don't travel far, and so focus their pollination efforts on fewer plants. Native bees fly quickly, visiting more plants in a shorter amount of time. Both males and females pollinate flowers, and native bees begin earlier in spring than honeybees, male honeybees don’t pollinate at all.          
Though honeybees get all the credit, native pollen bees do the bulk of the pollination chores in many gardens, parks, and forests. Unlike the highly social honeybees, all native bees live solitary lives, and most are stingless. My topic is why we need to save our native bees over honey bees. It’s important because we have 4000 native bees in the Americas. that’s not talking about all the sub-species which is around 20,000. Why I care about the native bees is because my native flowers do better when native bees pollenate them which means my yard looks great.  Our farms also do better when we have native bees do the pollination. People spray pesticides on the plants and then spray runs off in to the ground where most of our native bees live. I am a honey bee keeper, and yes, I worry about them also. But I feel that are native bees are the ones that need a voice.  I love my honeybees, but I have also noticed since I started planting more native plants that I see more native bees in my yard far more than my honeybees. I also started planting native plants in my yard for the bees and they are doing great improved looking than any box store plants which are genetically modified to with stand bus and insects which means they kill bees and other pollinators. I have several nests around in the ground also.  I don’t use poison to kill weeds, so I also have the dandelions in my yard which are the first foods for bees after the winter. Now if we are talking saving the honeybees then let’s go to Europe were, they are native. 
Before I got into beekeeping I never thought about my actions before. After a friend of mine dropped some knowledge on me that’s when I started researching about bees. I got in to honeybees first then started learning about our native bees too.  I see both side of the bee because I care for both. 
A possible topic that I would like to discuss through argumentative writing are the benefits of green tea. I would discuss the many forms that green tea can be consumed. You can drink brewed green tea, consume it through flavored ice cream, flavored soymilk, green tea leaf extract, capsules, deserts, and it is also used in cosmetics. I would compare the process of making green tea to black and oolong teas; you must take fresh tea leaves and allow them to whither, steam or fry and then roll and dry them. This is what gives green tea its distinct taste and added antioxidants.
            Drinking green tea is an important topic to discuss because it has been associated with decreased risk for obesity and diabetes as well as the increase in liver and kidney functions. The process of fermenting green tea releases a lot of catechins which are antioxidants. Green tea contains a lot of vitamins and an extremely good source of vitamin C which helps the immune system fight off infections.
            I care about the topic of green tea because I enjoy drinking sweat tea regularly, but I have sometimes replaced it with green tea because it has a naturally fruitier and sweeter taste without the added sugars. Tea can be consumed in so many different ways: cold brew, brewed, iced, hot, sweetened, and flavored.
            Someone could argue with my topic because it has been reported to cause liver and kidney problems and becomes unsafe when consumed as more than 8 cups a day due to the caffeine. Drinking too much green tea can lead to stomach irritation or even anemia. A rebuttal to these arguments is that green tea is safe in moderate amounts if you consume no more than 8 cups.

Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs are necessary for feeding the world’s population. Many people frown upon the idea of their food sources are being tinkered with on a genetic level. I have selected this topic because I feel like this is a subject that is often misunderstood. GMO’s are organisms that have been artificially altered in a lab. These organism’s genes are combined with genes from another organism to form hybrids and bigger, better versions of plants, animals, bacteria, and even viruses. Without these, many species that we are familiar with today would not exist.

However, the whole idea of completely organic farms is something to also consider. The use of fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides make mass production of food easier, they aren’t necessary. Many families would feel better knowing that they are feeding their children chemical-free produce. I care about this subject because it affects my health and the health of those I care about. I would not want to eat produce that has chemicals that could eventually harm me in some sort of way.

The topic that I wish to discuss the most is the concerning removals of art and musical classes in nearly all schools. Why this idea is highly important is that it is more useful than others might perceive. These classes have the ability to give children to express themselves and to get away from the stress of life. With them being classified as unimportant, they are constantly being cut out in many school and even colleges to save money or having to small of budgets to keep them.
This type of topic has real importance to me due to my love for the arts, visual and musical arts. Not only that, it also has a personal connection to me. I have a condition called Asperger's, meaning I have more difficulty in social situations and other difficulties. With art, I can express myself in ways I can do better than speaking it. I even have a love for music, singing wise, that I can express emotions with song. These types of classes are highly useful however by developing experiences that will be highly useful. They can develop higher motor skills, the importance of decision making, perseverance, and creativity. It is also a highly useful way for visual learners as well. While some students are ones who follow by word, many learn by hands on activities or learn it by seeing it or see it being done.
An argument that could be given is that if they are cut, students would be forced to focus on core classes. Since they would be more focused on core classes, they would be able to learn more everyday uses such as paying bills or finding a financially safe job. It would also save the school money for other programs since these classes are being taken less often.
***Korean men needs to improve ability of empathy. They must stop being angry on women rallied to demand an end to spy cameras and sexual voice, they must not face away the tide of change, and they must pay attention to foundational problems. As Korean society has long been surrounded by a patriarchal culture, they don’t even recognize whether they have been advantaged in the society or not. Thus, women must not give up demanding their just rights.
Gender antagonism has been hot issue in Korea recent years. Men, especially young men, vehemently disagrees with the notion that young women today are disadvantaged in society, saying that "I agree that women in their 40s and 50s made sacrifices, but do not believe that women in their 20s and 30s are being discriminated against." Lots of men’s opinion on feminism these days is that "Feminism is no longer about gender equality. It is gender discrimination and its manner is violent and hateful." As one of the unique things of Korean society is Military Service Obligation on men, they keep insisting women also has to serve for military. All of these statements result from indifference to understanding the fact of women rights. Moreover, it was even “controversial” to release the movie Kim Ji Young: Born 1982as its original, the novel, focuses on women figures and sexual discrimination. Why did the novel and the movie have to become a hot potato even though they just deliver a typical women’s life story.
In Korea, still a lot of people are used to patriarchal culture. They tend to want to live like they’ve ever been and women rights haven’t been extended much through decades. If I, as another woman, turn away my head from these problems, it means that I look away other victims in our society and also I myself can be the victim in someday. “We” should take a look at actual circumstances of women right.


 The Washington Post, “School uniforms are on the rise — even for toddlers — and it’s changing back-to-school shopping”, School uniforms have been known to cause some extreme controversy for the last 5 years. Parents and students debate whether or not it is necessary to wear them. With them, they cause little or no confusion in the morning for kids. Less stress trying to determine what matches with what. This can also be a social factor which determines how popular you are in school. On the other hand, without them, kids can feel free to express themselves and not be limited by school boundaries which is what America has come to. This also takes a toll on the parents when shopping for school uniforms. Needing to go shop for hours and pick out clothes is more time consuming than having a specific set that has to be worn every day all day. The uniforms were mainly used to stop violence in public school areas. This would include students getting killed over a jacket or for them wearing colors that are associated with a specific gang. According to the Washington Post, “ By 2015, 75 percent of the District’s public schools required uniforms, particularly in areas with high poverty rates.”, These uniforms are also seen as a way out for the parents so they have less to pay for during the school year. Furthermore, these uniforms create equality and help students connect because they would then be considered peers and would feel comfortable enough to talk to each other. This has been a factor to me because my high school has considered switching to uniforms, but the topic has been debated through students and parents. 


A good topic to write about for this essay is similar about what I decided to write my last essay about. It involved United States intervention in other foreign countries that don’t necessarily ask for help, more specifically in the Middle East and parts of Asia. This topic is something I have always been extremely passionate about, since it usually concerns innocent people getting hurt in the end. Because I have a lot of knowledge on this topic, I know I will be able to write a lot more about it. I also can relate to a lot of the things we read and see it from multiple perspectives which I find to be unique in this day and age. Talking about politics and what is going on in the world are some of my favorite topics to write, read, and talk about. American military intervention is extremely arguable in almost every aspect. Especially what is going on right now in the world, this raises a lot of opinions on if we should get involved or not. A lot of Americans would argue that the United States should save the money they would put into foreign affairs and better the United States with it. A lot of the foreigners who come to live here see that the only reason that America ever gets involved with other countries is because of other motives, and not to actually help the innocent people in the country. A great example of this would be of what happened in Iraq in the early 2000s, or what happened in Vietnam in the 1950s-1960s. But there have been instances where America truly does help, especially with impoverished countries who struggle to have basic necessities like food, water, and shelter. When it comes down to it, it is truly all about perspective and opinion when it comes down to this. This is just a general idea of what the paper is going to be about, but once I make up my mind on what I want it to be about more specifically, I will choose a specific instance in history.